I started working in a motorcycle shop from the age of 17, until I left highschool and started working for a motorcycle magazine for just over 2 years. I learnt to use camera’s, editing software and working as a team there. I outgrew the job, decided to go freelance and have been on my own for 3 years now. I enjoy what I do now and exploring different disciplines in film and photography keeps it interesting for me and helps me find work I enjoy. I’ve had the privilege to work with other people in the industry that are great at what they do and go on many adventures.

Im proficient working with drones, gimbles, glide cam rigs, sliders and Adobe Premier Pro. I preferably use a Sony Alpha A7Sii for all my work.

I wouldn’t say im a videographer, I’m a person who’s profession is videography with many other interests and hobbies.